Custom Design & Configuration

servicesGas Compression Systems (GCS) dry gas seal booster (DGSB) models can be configured to meet your application requirements.  Engineering, manufacturing, assembly and testing occur in the factory in Bensenville, Illinois which enables short development cycles for custom equipment.

Note: Please contact the GCS engineering team to help identify the optimal solution for your application.

Engineering Guidance

GCS provides engineering support before, during and after purchase. The GCS engineering team has 30+ years of industry experience and wants to help you meet customer needs.  Consult with us on pressure ranges, flow rates, gas composition, temperature ranges, specialty materials (metals, elastomers, coatings), specialty services (PMI, testing, certifications, maintenance), product variations, rebuild kits and more.

Contact us to discuss your application. 

Product Rebuild/Repair

GCS boosters are designed with replaceable wear parts. Customers have the option to purchase rebuild kits or use GCS trained technicians to analyze, quote and complete a rebuild/repair.  GCS provides free analysis and a detailed quotation before starting a rebuild/repair.

Contact us for return authorization before sending a unit for rebuild/repair.  

Export Services

GCS is an experienced exporter compliant with all current U.S. government export regulations as well as foreign customs clearance documentation requirements. International documentation includes all of the necessary details to ensure a smooth customs clearance process for export sales.

Dry Gas Seal Boosters (DGSBs) are packaged in wooden crates that comply with international shipping standards.  Our DGSB shipments come with an operating manual, test reports and certificates of conformity for your convenience (Material Test Reports provided digitally).

Material Traceability

GCS manufactures hundreds of DGSBs annually. The raw material composition for GCS machined components is provided to customers (at no additional charge) in the form of Material Test Reports (MTR) upon completion of the order. GCS booster components are manufactured from DFARS compliant stainless steel.

To maintain raw material traceability, each “gas-wetted, pressure-bearing” metal component is chemically etched to provide a cross-reference to the steel mill, heat number and test measurements recorded in the Material Test Report (MTR). The MTR format meets European Community Standard EN10204 3.1.