Positive Material Identification (PMI) and Traceability for Dry Gas Seal Boosters

Posted by Bob Vogt, Chief Engineer

Midwest Pressure Systems manufactures hundreds of dry gas seal pressure boosters annually. Specifications of the raw materials used for machined, process-gas-wetted components (we use DFARS compliant stainless steel) are available for every booster. Most stainless steel component are chemically etched to enable traceability of the raw material to the steel mill, heat number and test measurements recorded in the Material Test Report (MTR). The MTR format meets European Community Standard EN10204 3.1 and we provide this documentation at no additional charge.

For customers who require additional assurance that individual components match the mill documentation we offer Positive Material Identification (PMI) as an option. PMI is performed using a Thermo Niton XL3T XRF scanner. Each component carries an additional chemically etched number traceable to the individual PMI report. Correlation of the PMI results and MTR data provide additional confirmation that the material documentation is correct.