Gas Compression Systems, Inc. (formerly Midwest Pressure Systems, Inc.)

The Leading Manufacturer of Dry Gas Seal Boosters

Gas Compression Systems, Inc. (GCS) founded on January 1st, 2017, was previously a business unit within Midwest Pressure Systems, Inc. (MPS) which dates to 1987.

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Capabilities and Market Segments

Gas Compression Systems, Inc. designs, manufactures and supports Dry Gas Seal Boosters (DGSB) for a variety of operating pressures and flow rates. These boosters meet applicable international standards (e.g., ASME, CE ATEX, CE PED) and standard models cover a wide range of operating specifications (including pressure rating, corrosion resistant metals, elastomers and more). DGSB are used in the market segments described below.


Natural Gas Distribution

Natural Gas Distribution

GCS boosters are commonly installed in natural gas pipeline compressor stations. They are integrated with systems designed to protect turbo-compressor mechanical seals during start-up and settle-out operating conditions. The purpose of the booster is to help eliminate process contamination, a leading cause of dry gas seal failures. The booster ensures that an adequate supply of gas is provided to the seals during periods of low differential pressure across the compressor.

Chemical Processing

Chemical Processing

Several types of chemical plants utilize GCS dry gas seal pressure boosters to protect turbo-compressor mechanical seals during periods of low differential pressure across the compressor. GCS boosters are offered with a variety of elastomers suitable for a wide range of gas compositions and temperatures and are designed in accordance with ATEX specifications for non-electrical equipment.


Floating Production Storage and Offloading

FPSOs are used to pump, store and load crude oil and natural gas for offshore oil fields. GCS dry gas seal boosters protect turbo-compressor mechanical seals used to compress natural gas on FPSOs.  Offshore environmental conditions require boosters manufactured from corrosion-resistant stainless steel with pressure ratings as high as 8,000 psi.