Electric Motor Booster Series

Posted by Nick Rebers, Mechanical Engineer Gas Compression Systems, Inc. extends its offerings with the Electric Motor Booster (EMB) Series. This electrically-driven booster eliminates the need for filtered, dried air by instead driving GCS’s proven reciprocating piston technology with a cam mechanism (see animation below). The EMB utilizes a variable frequency drive to control cycle… Read More

Midwest Pressure Systems, Inc. Spin Off

Posted by Matt Johnson - General Manager. On January 1st, 2017, the gas compression business unit within Midwest Pressure Systems Inc. will become Gas Compression Systems, Inc. and Midwest Pressure Systems, Inc. will begin operations from Indiana.  The focus of each corporation is described below. Gas Compression Systems, Inc. (GCS) will continue serving the Oil & Gas… Read More

New Dry Gas Seal Booster (440ANV085-0000)

Posted by Chris Ashworth, Mechanical Engineer Midwest Pressure Systems expands its DGSB product line with a new Dry Gas Seal Booster model (440ANV085-0000). This booster was built to be cost effective for specific applications. The final booster design successfully managed more than 20,000,000 cycles during testing without issue and with normal wear. This booster has… Read More

Gas Booster – Functional Animation

Post Updated by Aaron Sebby, Assembly Manager As a service to our engineering audience and customers, a brief animation has been created to show how our Dry Gas Seal Boosters function. Pay close attention to how the control valve, pilot valves and check valves work in concert with air pressure input to amplify the pressure… Read More

Gas Compression Systems(formerly Midwest Pressure Systems) Manufactures Boosters for FPSO Vessels

Posted by Bob Vogt, Chief Engineer Gas Compression Systems(formerly Midwest Pressure Systems) was awarded a contract to manufacture 72 Dry Gas Seal Pressure Boosters designed to protect turbo-compressor mechanical seals during start-up and settle-out operating conditions. The boosters will be installed on eight FPSO (Floating Production Storage Offloading ) vessels off the coast of Brazil… Read More

552 Dry Gas Seal Booster Product Line

Posted by Chris Ashworth, Mechanical Engineer As the oil and gas industry’s range of environments expands the need for higher pressure dry gas seal boosters becomes more predominant. Over the past year Gas Compression Systems (formerly Midwest Pressure Systems, Inc.), Inc. has received multiple inquiries with process gas pressures of 414 bar (6000 psi) and 483… Read More